Trim & Form System

Main Features

Equipment function: product cutting, bending, forming, and separation after plastic sealing;

Applicable packaging: SOP/SSOP and other series;
Punching power: servo motor upper power -3~5T;
Cutting speed: 60-100 strokes per minute (SPM: 60-100)
Separation speed: 40-60 strokes/minute (SPM: 40-60)
Control system: PLC (Omron)
Operating system: touch screen+buttons, displaying UPH/SPM punching count;
Feeding structure: rotating double magazine feeding;
Material receiving mechanism: material tube receiving (tube mounted), automatic tube arrangement compatible with material box bulk receiving;
Safety protection system: The equipment is equipped with leakage protection devices, emergency stop button devices, and all main protective doors are equipped with SENSOR protection devices;
Optional 1: CCD visual detection device;
Option 2: MES system networking function.


1. Using imported raw materials and advanced equipment for manufacturing and testing, with high equipment accuracy and stable performance;

2. Customized according to needs, with strong wear resistance, long service life, guaranteed quality, and worry free after-sales service.

Equipment Details



Sample Display