‍‍‍IC Lamination Machine‍‍

IC chip setter, also known as automatic chip setter, is an important part of achieving automation in semiconductor IC packaging production. The main processes of IC packaging include: feeding, rail transportation, chip placement, and preheating. The chip setter mainly plays a role in automatic chip placement and heating during the production process, and its completion quality will directly affect the efficiency and quality of the next step of packaging. The current packaging technology requires automatic lamination machines to complete lamination work at high speed, accurately, and automatically preheat evenly.

Main Features

Equipment function: Using a robotic arm to automatically grasp and discharge the lead frame;

Applicable packaging: all packaging;
Control system: PLC (Omron)
Operating system: touch screen+operation buttons;
Safety protection system: emergency stop button device, light curtain protection device, and three side safety door design. After the protective door is opened, the system stops all actions, and after the door is closed, it resumes continuous action to protect personal safety.


1. Using imported raw materials and advanced equipment for manufacturing and testing, with high equipment accuracy and stable performance;

2. Customized according to needs, with strong wear resistance, long service life, guaranteed quality, and worry free after-sales service.

Equipment Details


Sample Display